Serie S – Made in Italy by Moretti Forni

Power consumption reduced by 35% thanks to its exclusive technologies: an energy saving never seen before in a traditional oven, with a baking speed increased by 20% and a maximum temperature of 450°C.

The multifunctional oven par excellence! SERIE S as a unique tool ideal for your business: pizzerias, bakeries, pastry, restaurants, hotels, catering, and Mass Market Retailers.

Low consumption and perfect baking in total safety.

A wide range of accessories and specific baking chambers available to customize your ideal electric oven for your business according to your needs.
It is possible to choose from 5 baking chamber dimensions and 2 finishes:
SERIE S Steel has a remarkable style with brushed stainless-steel surfaces for the maximum ease to clean and empowered illumination for excellent internal vision.

Ideal installation inside laboratories, also on sight for a contemporary style.

SERIE S Icon is characterized by iconic finishes of high-quality materials, oak wood for handles and hood with increased steam extraction by 32%.
Ideal installation on sight as design element.

What are the advantages to bake in an electric deck oven such as SERIE S?

The greatest advantages of baking pizzas, long leavened products, and pastries with SERIE S are: perfect baking quality, maximum versatility with specific and modular baking chambers, the highest energy saving and the lowest environment impact in its category.

Moreover, technologies and programs like Weekly Power-On Timer help simplify baking processes even for less skilled users, reducing labor costs and saving time for other preparations.

Thus, work is more efficient and organized.

How many products is it possible to bake with SERIE S deck oven?

In a single baking chamber, SERIE S bakes up to*:

  • 28 trays (60x40cm) per hour;
  • 240 traditional pizzas (Ø30) per hours;
  • 80 family pizza (Ø45) per hour;
  • 10 kg/h of bred;
  • 36 panettoni (1kg) per hour;
  • 254 croissant/h

* data referred to 1 baking chamber SERIE S model S125

  • Complete with: fume capturing hood, single chamber & prover
  • Stainless steel construction with high-density insulation
  • Colour Multilanguage LCD display
  • Sandblasted baking floor
  • Reinforced double internal lighting
  • Max temperature 450˚C
  • 100 baking programs & double timer
  • Standby, boost and half load functions
  • Turn on timer and cleaning mode
Model Capacity
Chamber Dim. mm
W – D – H
Ext. Dim. mm
W – D – H
Weight (kg) Power (Per Deck)
COMP S50E/3/L 6 435 x 735 x 160 890 x 1443 x 2030 445 415, 3N, 5.1kW, 7.5A
240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A
COMP S100E/3/L 12 950 x 735 x 160 1365 x 1443 x 2030 616 415V, 3N, 9kW, 12.5A
240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A
COMP S105E/3/L 24 950 x 1265 x 160 1365 x 1973 x 2030 936 415V, 3N, 13.2kW, 19A
240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A
COMP S120E/3/L 18 1245 x 735 x 160 1660 x 1443 x 2030 699 415V, 3N, 12kW, 17A
240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A
COMP S125E/3/L 30 1245 x 1265 x 160 1660 x 1973 x 2030 960 415V, 3N, 17.3kW, 25A
240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A

Enquire now to receive information about the following:

  • Fource Technology: Exclusive patent-pending system: allows installed power to be reduced by 20%, yet not affecting the performance
  • Extraction Motor: Kit with motor for vapor extraction (for hood)
  • Elements for Tray Pizza: Heating Elements specifically for pizzas in trays (from factory)
  • Serie S + R: Upgrade to full chamber in Refractory (from factory)
  • Bottom Opening Door: Reversed door opening from bottom to top (from factory)
  • Baking Stone: Baking Stone Deck (from factory)
  • Self Condensing Hood: Self Condensing Hood
  • Tray holder Slides: Tray holder Slides for support
  • HTS3: To suit S100-120; 30cm Square, 23cm Round, Oven Brush all with 120cm Handles
  • HTS3-140: To suit S105-125; 30cm Square, 23cm Round, Oven Brush all with 140cm Handles
  • Embossed Steel: Embossed Steel Floor (for trays)
  • ICON Finish: Industrial type finishing

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