PASTOCREAM – Made in Italy by Staff Ice System

PASTOCREAM are a range of Electronic 2-in-1 machines (Pasteuriser – Cream Cooker) with Automatic Extraction. The ergonomic design allows for easy use, with controls located on the front of each machine. The Controls include a 2.5” digital screen with up to 50 programs, Variable Agitator Speed, Density Control and Hot Gas Defrost.

Energy Saving Integrated is the Integrated Inverter System designed by Staff Ice System making their machines both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Staff Ice System, machines made of steel with a sensitive soul.”

Integrated Inverter Technology in each of Staff Ice System’s machines allow for the opportunity to control the volume of Gelato / Ice Cream by adjusting the speed accordingly. The inverter also protects the mechanical transmission and optimizes the electric motor’s power consumption.

  • Built-in inverter to preserve transmission and energy usage
  • Digital controls with variable speed agitator
  • Density controlled programmability – Air cooled (Water cooled on request)
  • Magnetic safety device, it stops working when lid is opened
  • Double lid to add ingredients while the machine in working
  • Vertical tank to check state of mixture and for easy extraction
  • Parts in contact with mixture in S/steel or non-toxic material
  • Agitator easily removed for cleaning
  • Adjustable shelf for container while extracting
  • Removeable magnetic chute for extraction – for easy cleaning
Model Capacity
Min-Max L
Ext. Dim. mm
W – D – H
W (kg) Power
RT151 A 3.5-15 15 (90min) 600 x 858 x 432 110 240V, 1N, 3.3kW, 13.8A

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