MODI Blast Chillers by Coldline

The days of blast chillers being limited to chilling food are over. The modern catering company requires a greater range of tools. So MODI was developed. A single device which allow you to carry out numerous functions, and which operates 24 hours a day, not only saving you space, but also money and eliminating the need to purchase additional appliances.

Blast Chillers are available in many versions;
• 700 or 800mm depths
• GN 1/1 or EN6040 capacities
• 3 Tray (GN 2/3) up to 20 Tray
• Air or water cooled
• plug in or remote units
• Up (-40°+10°C) or Active (-40°+65°C) models

MODI dynamically manages the intensity of the cold and the heat by constantly modulating temperature, ventilation and the cycle time. A technology that preserves the characteristics of food and extends their shelf life.
Protected by robust tempered glass, the MODI touch screen 4.3” makes it simple to use. With one touch you can access available programs, or create one of your own in the personal menu.

  •  Intuitive 4.3” Touch display
  •  Exterior/interior finishing and door handle in stainless steel
  •  R452a cooling gas
  •  60 mm thick insulation – CFC/HCFC free
  •  Self-closing door – reversible with 105° dwell
  •  Magnetic door gasket – easy to replace
  •  Tropicalized +43°C cooling unit – access from the front
  •  Ventilated refrigeration
  •  Anti-corrosion evaporator with S/steel removable cover
  •  FSS – Fast Service System – replaceable refrigeration system
  •  Automatic hot gas defrost with auto condensation evaporation
  •  Yield: (+90) > (+3)°C | 88kg
    (+90) > (-18)°C | 62kg
Model Standard Equipment Capacity Ext. Dim. mm
W – D – H
W (kg) Power
W20U 20 x Pair GN/EN Slides  20 x GN/EN Trays  810 x 1015 x 2210 225 415V, 3N, 6.2kW, 10.9A
W20UE 20 x Pairs EN Slides  20 x EN Trays  810 x 1015 x 2210 225 415V, 3N, 6.2kW, 10.9A
W20UL 6 x Pair EN Slides
6 x EN6040 Shelves
 21 x 360x165x120mm Pans  810 x 1015 x 2210 230 415V, 3N, 6.2kW, 10.9A

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