Blast Chillers VISION –  Made in Italy by Coldline

The VISION blast chiller replaces several devices by integrating multiple functions in a small space: blast chilling, blast freezing, thawing, proving, chocolate, desiccation, holding, Yoghurt, pasteurisation, slow steam cooking, sanitisation with 100°C steam.

Blast chill and freeze without a probe: Devote™ takes care of it
Devote™ – Dynamic Evolution Temperature – is the innovative system developed by Coldline that autonomously recognises the weight, size and initial temperature of the food.

Devote™ automatically modulates temperature and ventilation on blast chilling and blast freezing cycles in the shortest time possible without using a core probe.

  • Intuitive 7” Touch display with COSMO wireless monitoring
  • USB port for downloading HACCP data and updating software
  • Exterior/interior finishing and door handle in stainless steel
  • R452a cooling gas
  • 60 mm thick insulation – CFC/HCFC free
  • Self-closing door – reversible with 105° dwell
  • Magnetic door gasket – easy to replace
  • Tropicalized +43°C cooling unit – access from the front
  • Ventilated refrigeration
  • Anti-corrosion evaporator with S/steel removable cover
  • FSS – Fast Service System – replaceable refrigeration system
  • Automatic hot gas defrost with auto condeNsation evaporation
  • Yield: (+90) > (+3)°C | 22kg (+90) > (-18)°C | 17kg
Model Standard Equipment Capacity Ext. Dim. mm
W – D – H
W (kg) Power
W14F 14 x Pair GN/EN Slides  14 x GN/EN Trays  780 x 859 x 1778 205 415V, 3N, 5.7kW, 10A

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