Bakery Deck Ovens Made In Italy By Moretti Forni

serieslogo-deck-ovens-for-sale-in-australiaThe serieS is a range of bakery ovens and pizza deck ovens that allow a 30% energy saving. These electric ovens come with patented technologies. EcoSmartBaking®Tech, Adaptive-Power®Technology that allows to manage the power control according to the load inside the baking chamber, , the Dual-Temp®Technology, a patented system that separately manages 2 temperatures inside the same baking chamber and the Smart- Baking®Technology, for the separate management of the ceiling and floor power control. Series S is suitable for any kind of working needs, thanks to the Power-Booster®Technology, for efficiently manage the pick times, Half-Load®Technology for partial loads and Eco-Standby®Technology for breaks.

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