Pizza University is the first professional training school specialising in pizza and the business of running a successful pizzeria and it is set to launch in Australia in early 2016.

Aimed at those who are looking to open a new pizzeria or those who already own a business but would like to improve their product, business practices and profit margins, The Pizza University will offer courses that are like no other in Australia.

Over 5 days the delivery of the course will be a mixture of theory presentations, practical experimentation in the laboratory and interactive group activities. This is to ensure the information is delivered in a way to suit all learning styles and to guarantee students acquire a wealth of new skills and knowledge relevant to the pizza industry.

The Pizza University utilises the experience of some of the best pizzaioli and business owners from around the world, choosing only the best trainers and a comprehensive but detailed curriculum written by highly regarded pizza masters. From the planning of your business, marketing and managing your pizzeria and building your menu to creating the most authentic and high quality pizzas, bread and focaccia.

Three days of the course will focus on making authentic pizzas where you will learn the complex science behind choosing and combining the highest quality ingredients for the best results. Gain crucial knowledge about dough preparation such as mixing, choosing the correct equipment for your needs, maturation and rolling out of the dough. Be informed of all the pros and cons of various baking techniques and managing heat distribution for cooking your pizzas to perfection.

The other two days of the schedule will be dedicated to business development and will include topics such as identifying your target market, offering excellent customer service, pricing your products and how to increase consumer traffic. With a look at the history of the pizza, facts on running a successful pizza business and common mistakes to avoid your business will have a head start for success after attending The Pizza University’s basic course.


MAY:   Monday 2nd – Friday 6th
JUNE:   Monday 6th – Friday 10th
JULY:   Monday 4th – Friday 8th
AUGUST:   Monday 1st – Friday 5th
SEPTEMBER:   Monday 5th – Friday 9th
OCTOBER:   Monday 10th – Friday 14th
NOVEMBER:   Monday 7th – Friday 11th