Pizza Talents Flourish in Australia

Enrico Sgarbossa’s staff, Daniele Paoletti won the World Pizza Championship Australia

Famous Pizza Chef Enrico Sgarbossa (“Al Taglio” Surry Hills, Sydney) trained Daniele Paoletti. Daniele e won the World Pizza Championship Australia held this September during Fine Food 2017, Sydney edition.

Daniele Paoletti, originally from Certaldo in Tuscany, will represent Australia in the Grand Finale of the World Pizza Championship 27°, next year in Italy. Paoletti’s genuine talent in the art of baking one day met the multi award-winning Enrico Sgarbossa, defined by many as a “dough scientist”; he also comes with a recommendation by Massimo Bottura, whose restaurant was named Best World Restaurant 2016 and 2nd Best World Restaurant 2017.

After a training period, Sgarbossa offered Paoletti to become part of his staff at his pizza restaurant in Sydney. Specialising in Gourmet Pizza, they aimed higher, launching into a new challenge to have the honour of representing Australia in the most important competition in the pizza industry.

Sgarbossa’s staff gave a lot to the Australian Pizza industry and received the interests and best reviews of major media. He invested and shared all his talent and skills, introducing new quality standards.

“I use the best of the best of everything.” Enrico believes that quality comes from quality; high results want a balanced combination of talent, passion, best ingredients and catering equipment. Al Taglio offers his clients a sophisticated gourmet pizza, based on an accurate selection of premium Australian and Italian ingredients and high-tech baking ovens Moretti Forni.

We are now happy to put our beloved Australia in Paoletti’s hands when it comes to pizza. Paoletti has a vision of the food industry how it should be. It’s not just about the profit but people’s health is strictly involved if you don’t offer real quality meals to your customers.

“Now people have yeast problems because the bakery industry uses a tonne of yeast. That’s why some people get a little bit sick because we’re not used to having big quantities” Paoletti and Sgarbossa say.

So they use “00 flour” (a grind of flour that is very fine) to “cut” the dough, they choose organic spelt, whole wheat and purple flours from Queensland mill, Kialla, which have more fibre, nutrients and are naturally low in gluten.

“We eat pizza every day for lunch and dinner,” say the chefs who are remarkably lean and healthy-looking for such an “unhealthy” habit. We are looking forward to know something more about the delicious and incredibly healthy pizza that Daniele Paoletti will present under the Australian flag next year at the pizza world championship.

The Wold Pizza Championship Australia organised by Pizza Revolution, is sponsored by: Le 5 Stagioni, Euroquip, Moretti Forni, Valoriani Forni.