Pizza Forum 2015, Australia

It’s no secret that Pizza is now one of the most popular menu items across Australia. However, it takes more than just good pizza to get your customers hooked; it takes amazing pizza and a successful business plan.

This was the focus of the 2015 Pizza Forum conducted by Moretti Forni and Euroquip in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide throughout September and early October, attracting over 110 attendees ready to absorb a plethora of pizza-related information.

Aimed at seasoned pizza chefs, novice apprentices and pizzeria owners attended the educational event to find out about the most effective pizza-making techniques and the newest innovations for the pizza industry.

International pizza chef, Maurizio Leone, took attendees through a range of topics to build a theoretical, practical and entertaining event for all learning styles and experience levels.

Maurizio Leone is an Italian Master Pizza Chef & Specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the pizza industry. He has a great passion for the pizza product; entering the industry at a young age as a restaurateur he has since gone on to successfully manage three of his own restaurants in Rome and surrounding areas.

Over the years he has gained expertise specializing in raw ingredients including four, he has studied and mastered the processes of maturation and fermentation; the basic yet essential concepts to achieve the most excellent results. The Pizza Forum was an ideal platform for him to showcase and share this knowledge, giving attendees an advantage when making their own dough.

In addition to learning about the science of flour selection and dough preparation attendees were able to gain advice about molding pizza bases, choosing toppings and combining flavors.  The 4 hour class also covered topics such as successful business models, advanced baking techniques and managing a pizzeria.

Plenty of demonstrations were conducted so attendees were able to see the process step by step and taste the final result of a variety of products including whole meal pizzas, focaccia and breads.

These forums are just a sample of some of the interactive events held by Euroquip across a variety of topics. Moretti Forni and Euroquip are in the process of bringing Pizza University™, a five day pizza making and business course, to Australia in early 2016. More details about this course can be obtained by contacting the Euroquip office or signing up to the mailing list.