So Pastry is your passion and you have decided to share your expertise by opening your own Pastry Shop and making people happy with heavenly and sophisticated sweet delicacies. Or maybe pastry is your life and you are already in the business for many years. You know everything about pastry making, from the careful kneading and layering, to the variety of techniques. Your creativity is a blast and you’re sure you can make a difference in the market.

You have the talent and all you need to do is invest in a quality lab, well equipped with quality appliances that can enhance your performance and help to control your costs. Coldline Pastry Counters are hard-wearing worktops to mix, shape and decorate fanciful creations. You can manage the temperature in order to keep optimal humidity levels. The PASTRY counter is designed to provide the greatest possible storage capacity: 7 EN60×40 trays per door with 50 mm step or 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 pull-out drawers.

Coldline Pastry Counters are available in single door to 4 doors. All the units are designed to comply with the strictest food safety laws and to allow the best efficiency in terms of energy saving.