Proving whenever needed – even by night


A retarder/prover is a valuable instrument in any bakery or pastry shop, but it is also very useful in the catering industry. With this unit, your dough will rise in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, by day or by night, allowing you to plan the cycle so that it will end precisely when you need to start baking. With VISION this function is integrated into the blast chiller. You can finally make your own bread and any other leavened dough without having to purchase any additional equipment.


Which food do you buy everyday? Bread, of course. And what’s better than homemade bread? With different flavours, shapes and colours, freshly baked, fragrant bread is always the best way to introduce yourself to customers. VISION ensures a long proving process to get light and fluffy bread. Proving dough with VISION makes a highly innovative feature, without making the management of kitchens too burdensome. Think for example of buns, pizza, cakes and any other sweet and savoury leavened dough.


28°C is the ideal temperature for triggering the action of yeast, but you can change programs as you like to always be in control of the proving process. A long proving process improves the flavour and shelf life of bread. Overnight there is plenty of time to slowly create an even texture with regular holes, and in the morning you will find a top-quality, ready-to-bake dough to offer your customers easily digestible bread, with the natural taste of the past.


The proving process is unpredictable since it is affected by the environmental temperature and humidity. This causes difficulties for pastry chefs and bakers especially during periods of great production of proved products, such as Christmas. The alarm sounds at night to control the proving and sometime you need to cook at improbable hoproving-vision-blast-chillerurs because the dough is ready and you
cannot wait for the morning. The retarder and proving functions of VISION devices offer a great opportunity to prove at controlled temperature and humidity, setting the intensity of ventilation and the time of each working phase. You will plan the end of the cycle when you want to proceed with cooking.
You no longer have to worry about the weather conditions and turn up at night to check and cook the dough. You will get the same result with all proving cycles, allowing you to offer always excellent products, saving time and money because your laboratory will be perfectly organized.

Range: -30°C / +40°C
Set the ideal temperature for the growth of yeasts.
Choose whether to retain the frozen product and delay the beginning of the proving.

Range: 40% / 95%
Hydration will be optimal because you decide the percentage of humidity depending on the dough to prove.

Range: 30% / 100%
The ventilation at very low values allows to have the same temperature at every level of the proving chamber and to keep the dough soft and moisturized.

In retarder/prover program you decide how long to last retarding, maintenance, recovery, proving and holding of dough.