TT98G Gas Conveyor Oven by Moretti Forni, designed for large production

Moretti Forni has always been known for being a leader in baking technology and has delivered amazing results in conveyor ovens over the years. Now Moretti introduces the new and improved SerieT, a completely revamped product range, upgraded in both design and functionality and with an added model, the TT98G gas  conveyor oven.

Officially launched at HOST 2015 in Milan this October, the innovation of the renewed SerieT range of conveyor ovens is headed to Australian shores. Packed with highly advanced features patented by Moretti Forni the ovens are extremely efficient, economical and easy to use.

The new model added to the series is the TT98G, the largest of the gas fuelled range has been conceived for larger production with even greater savings. It is fully equipped with all the features of the new SerieT conveyor range for greater efficiency in the modern kitchen.

Thanks to sophisticated technologies and to special insulation materials the energy dispersions towards the outside of the unit are reduced. This results in an overall energy consumption reduction of 30%, making the SeriesT the lowest energy consumption oven in its category.

The range comes with a new and intuitive high-resolution TFT LCD color display panel. The new control panel incorporates advanced functions with a user friendly interface and easy to read display. The new control panel includes EcoSmartBaking®Tech which is an intelligent system for managing the variables that influence the baking process using advanced electronic technology.

Moretti Forni’s patented Adaptive-Gas®Technology is designed to collaborate the gas flow instantly for optimal cooking quality, best use of power and considerable savings. The oven is also equipped with Dual-Temp®Technology which allows the user to separately manage two temperatures inside the same baking chamber.

With Remote-Master Technology the ovens main functions can be managed and controlled remotely, the Cool-Around®Technology ensures the external surfaces remain cool and safe to touch and the eco-Standby®Technology saves energy when the oven is not in use.

The Best- Flow System is a special diaphragm to avoid air recirculation, the Swing-in/out System includes swinging doors to retain heat and maintain temperature and the Dual-Flow Technology allows different control over two hot air flows.

All these features combined mean that the SerieT conveyor ovens are the most efficient on the market and minimise energy consumption in a variety of areas. All new conveyor ovens to arrive in Australia from Moretti Forni will now come with these advanced features included and the first TT98G will be here early in the new year.