Today we will meet Chef Herve Boutin.

Herve Boutin will be the President of the Jury Panel for the 2019  “World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate“ by the International Federation Of Pastry FIPGC.

This competition will be held in Milan (Italy) in October 2019. Herve lives and works in Australia.Nice to meet you Herve!

1. Can you do a little presentation of yourself?
I am a Pastry Chef and holds the  MOF Glacier 1989 Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers  de France Glacier 1989  and Master Patissier Confiseur Glacier . I have completed my training in France. I am a Teacher Baking Trades and work for TAFE NSW in Australia.

2. When did you start your career in hospitality?
I started in 1978 in France and completed an apprenticeship in the Lyon area my native home town. I have also been to a Hospitality school.

3. What do you like most of this industry?
I like the creativity aspect of it and also the ability to be employable anywhere in the World.

4.Who is Herve Boutin today?
Today I am a teacher and workplace assessor, I am also Chief Expert Worldskills International Patisserie confectionery 2019 Kazan Russia.

I am working to support the delivery of competitions to support our industry and in particular young people who will represent our industry in the future. I am a former competitor myself.

5. What Herve Boutin will be tomorrow?
Tomorrow I will continue to support young people and  the delivery of competitions. I am very involved with Worldskills Australia.

6.In October 2019 you will be the President of the Jury Panel at FIPGC 2019 in Milan. Can you share with us your feelings about this competition?
This competition will be exciting with already 16 countries registered and more to come. The standard will be high ,creativity and innovation will be on the menu in the great city of  Milan Italy this year. My goal as the Jury President is to deliver a fair competition and support all managers.

I would like to thank our Sponsors and Team Managers ,it is a massive commitment for all involved but worth a detour , supporting our industry and our professionals is very important.