8 Teams using Life blast chillers on Australia’s most popular cooking show, MKR! My Kitchen Rules.

Sunday 15 April 2018 the hotly contested Australian cooking show, has seen 8 teams competing to have their ice-cream sold in Coles Supermarkets across Australia: 8 teams and 8 busy kitchens trying to exceed every expectation of the judges to win an ambitious business opportunity. To achieve such an important result all the chefs focus on creating unique and delicious gelato desserts, based on premium quality ingredients and a touch of exotic influence.

Watch Video: Life Domestic Blast Chillers on MKR

blast chillers My Kitchen Rules

When it comes to achieving the highest food quality, not only specific skills and best ingredients are needed, but also the use of reliable kitchen equipment will definitely make a difference. Gelato making is an Italian cooking art and has become renowned worldwide;

Channel7 opted for the best Italian catering equipment to organize this MKR’s episode by choosing  LIFE, the domestic version of Coldline blast chillers.  The model used to equip the kitchens on the show is the LIFE W60 in the beautiful ice white colour with stainless steel finishing; a large domestic blast chiller with a spacious interior to allow maximum capacity and an elegant design that matches with every style.

coldlline domestic blast chillers

…Why did Channel7 equip MKR’s kitchens with blast chillers? 

Blast chillers are an extraordinary multi-functional appliance that allows important procedures, which are key to many foods preparation. When it comes to hazardous foods (like ice-cream, seafood, raw meat, etc…) and temperature management, blast chillers are fundamental in avoiding bacteria growth and preventing food contamination.

Using a blast chiller means extending food shelf-life and keeping organoleptic properties (like colour, taste, texture, and nutrients) unchanged. This can dramatically improve your performance when it comes to catering because you can prepare everything in advance and also reduce waste.

coldline blast chillers on MKR australia

With a temperature range that can go down to -40°C, Coldline blast chillers allow “deep-freezing“, which is not synonymous with freezing. LIFE blast chillers, thanks to the deep-freezing process, can rapidly reduce the air temperature to -40°C by micro crystalizing the water within the cells of the food. It means that the food will not lose any liquid during the thawing process. Traditional freezers are unable to achieve such a low temperature, resulting in prolonging freezing times. This causes the water to form into large crystals which destroy the fibres and leads to a loss of vitamins and nutrients, compromising the quality of the food. Blast chilled food keeps the original organoleptic characteristics, frozen food doesn’t.

Blast chillers are very important in commercial kitchens where the risk of food contamination is higher and there is more need for better organization. As have seen on MKR, they have a large application in pastry and gelato making, where it’s very common to set different ingredients and foods, each one at a precise temperature.

Coldlline Blast Chillers on MKR, Australian Most Popular Cooking Show

It’s now possible to benefit from the same technology at your home with LIFE. What’s the point you ask? Freezing the food quickly at an extremely low temperature means there’s less of a risk of bacteria growth and “freezer burn”. You can just throw your meat into the blast chiller and be sure that your carpaccio or fish are safe.  Blast chillers extent food life on average of six months, so you can keep your frozen food for longer and also have it in a better quality, without changing any food qualities.

Even if you’re not looking to store food for six months, a blast chiller will come in handy in many other ways. You can chill your bottles in only 2 minutes by selecting the perfect temperature for each wine; you can make homemade nutritious yogurt and you can crystallize your own chocolate pralines.

LIFE blast chillers are available in Australia at Euroquip Showroom, you can check the complete range on the dedicated website www.coldlineliving.com.au