TripAdvisor, is a global travel community, based on real customer reviews and ratings from millions of travelers and restaurant diners. Through a collection of reviews and ratings by customers visiting the restaurants the list of top ten pizza places in Australia was compiled. Il Buco, a bustling hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in Bay lane, in the heart of the beach side town; Byron Bay, has topped the list and blown its clientele away. It’s pizzas cooked in nothing less than a Moretti Deck Oven.

The Il Buco kitchen is an all-Italian team who blend tradition and authenticity with the creativity of the Byron Bay culture. The menu offers the finest from the traditional pizza choices with subtle surprises of local sourced specialties like the Bangalow sweet pork ham. These carefully selected ingredients combined with a pizza crust cooked to perfection on the oven’s stone deck are stimulating locals and tourists alike to leave praising reviews.

Reviews left by diners on the site resonates a theme that applauds the authenticity of the food with quotes such as “…crispy thin base and fresh tasty veggies on top. Best pizza I’ve had outside of Italy!”, “Delicious pizza that is authentically Italian….” And “… so authentically Italian that you could be mistaken for thinking you were in Italy itself …”

Such positive appraisals shows that cooking in a Moretti deck oven with stone base gives a great result with no compromise to authenticity or flavor.

Congratulations to Il Buco and their staff for such positive appraisals and for earning their position on top of a list of such superb pizza places around Australia.

The Top Ten Pizza Places in Australia as voted by TripAdvisor users is as follows:

  1. Il Buco, Byron Bay, NSW
  2. Lucio Pizzeria, Sydney, NSW
  3. D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar, Melbourne, VIC
  4. The Forge Pizzeria, Ballarat, VIC
  5. John’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant, Coober Pedy, SA
  6. Sassafras, Yamba, NSW
  7. +39 Pizzeria, Melbourne, VIC
  8. Chilly’s Pizza & Trattoria, Port Douglas, QLD
  9. Station Bar & Wood Fired Pizza, Katoomba, NSW
  10. Sam’s Pizzeria on the Waterfront, Batemans Bay, NSW