Gourmet pizza makes a splash

Sydney Chef Enrico Sgarbossa creates unique gourmet pizzas that celebrate his love for fine food.

Enrico Sgarbossa owner of Al Taglio pizzeria in Surry Hills, Sydney, is the man behind the successful project of #GourmetPizza, which is offering a sophisticated variety of traditional Italian recipes smartly combined with a fine quality pizza. Enrico’s come from a long line of career experience, he loves to work with best local ingredients and top Italian raw materials.
Eight of the best Sydney-based Italian chefs will cook their gourmet pizzas in the next two months at Al Taglio, combining some typical dishes with original recipes.
To us at Euroquip, Enrico means one of the best interpretation of the pizza industry where knowledge and the art of cooking are combined with a selection of premium technologies and equipment. Bravo!

This interview was released today by #SBS Italian.

Listen to the radio interview released by Italian SBS radio.