Catering Equipment For Gluten Free Pastry

Celiachia is a common disease in Australia. Gluten Free nutrition requires a big effort and causes many renunciations. You don’t have to give up pastries anymore! There is an increasing number of pastry shops using the VISION blast chiller to manage the gluten free production and also avoid cross contamination. Listen to this Italian Pastry Chef talking about the benefits he obtained from the use of VISION.

“The VISION blast chillers will dramatically improve the production and organisation of your pastry shop. This will give you more time available to invest in your “gluten free lab”.
Gluten Free means that you need specific flours and starches. These types of products tend to dry quicker than traditional ones;
VISION allows a more precise humidity management of the product. Thanks to VISION you will have the possibility to use a lower amount of yeast in our products.
VISION can work 24/h a day. You can start in the morning with the proving of breakfast baked products and then going ahead with the blast chilling of several creams and fillings. Then you can use it to freeze both baked products and savoury products.
This way you will always have several products ready to use, stored inside your VISION refrigerators.
The greatest benefit is the wider variety of products you can offer to a clientele that is increasingly demanding.
In the afternoon you can use VISION for the crystallisation of chocolate. At the end of the day you just need to restart the program to complete the working process, so when you arrive in the laboratory in the morning you always find a perfect product.
You can blast chill your products in order to work on a weekly or fortnightly production instead of a daily one. You can now obtain a product with the same quality, if not better than a fresh one. For instance, if you blast chill and immediately freeze a sponge cake, you can maintain the ideal humidity level, which is fundamental for many products, if not everyone.
During the busiest working times VISION is key because it helps to manage many kinds of products that you can’t normally control on a daily production basis…”