1 in 70 Australians is affected by Coeliac disease.

In people with Coeliac disease, the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten, a very common protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and oats. This intolerance or allergy can result in damages to the small bowel and affects food absorption causing malnutrition and osteoporosis with many other consequences.

The only possible cure to contrast Coeliac disease is adopting a strict gluten-free diet.

Statistics are also showing that 30% of Australians are reducing gluten intake by choice because, as proven by many nutritionists, cutting gluten makes people feel better. Food without gluten has been demonstrated easier for the body to digest.

On one side we have people affected by Coeliac craving for foods that they cannot relish anymore, such as bread, pasta … and pizza. On the other side, there are people quitting gluten by choice, but the question is:

Is it possible a life without pizza?

No way.

Only few years ago gluten-free products were mostly unknown and difficult to find except in specialty food stores. However, the offer was limited to very basic products like simple bread and biscuits.  Let me tell you that, coming from an Italian family, I could only imagine a life without pizza and pasta as hell on earth! 

Gluten is almost in all everyday food; breads, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, cereals, pre-shredded cheese has ingredients that contain gluten, couscous, custards, gravy, toasts, dumplings, fried foods, burgers and hot dogs, meatballs, muesli, pita, potatoes, Tabbouleh, everything that contains soy, yogurts, most sausages, BEER for God’s sake! And the list can go on and on.  The market is fortunately satisfying the gluten-free demand rapidly, with a growing number of specialised stores offering a wide range of products that basically replace the normal ones containing gluten. Not only the specialised stores but normal shops and markets are adding the gluten-free option.

As a very diverse group of consumers purchase gluten-free products, all the hospitality professionals should consider the offer of a gluten-free choice as normal.  It’s not just about having gluten-free dishes on the menu such as meat and seafood. People suffering from this debilitating disease have the right to go out dining without giving up on that luscious plate of home-made Ravioli or gourmet pizza.

Food is life. When you are diagnosed with Coeliac disease you ask yourself, “Will I ever eat normally again?”

Cooking gluten-free is not just about the ingredients but it’s a process; you don’t need only gluten-free flour but knowledge and extra precautions because cross contamination is a serious issue, especially in a commercial kitchen. Gluten-free baking isn’t simple if you don’t know how different flours will react with other ingredients.

Instead of conducting your own experiments or worse, avoiding keep-up-to date with the market, you can give your business a new perspective by investing your time in education. Offering gluten-free meals requires much more than recipes. You will often need to check and safeguard your equipment against accidental exposure. You may need to set up a “safe area” where trained staff can ensure that tools and appliances don’t get contaminated.

gluten free cooking classes

Euroquip in collaboration with Napoli Food and Wines and Le 5 Stagioni, is running a GLUTEN-FREE BAKING FORUM, thought for the industry professionals.

Our first gluten-free baking forum is free of charge.  Paolo Spadaro is an expert baker and pizza maker born in Italy that will dedicate 3 hours in sharing his deep knowledge with the participants.

If you are a chef, baker, pastry chef, pizza maker or restaurant owner, you are highly encouraged to attend!

Spots are limited, so please make your booking at:

02 9707 2977 – marketing@euroquip.com.au