Gianluca Fusto the prestigious Italian Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, known for his careful and minimalist style, 

has recently collaborated with Moretti Forni, during “Incontri di Gusto 2017”, the prestigious Master Class course held in Italy each year during Sigep.

He is one of the major figures of the Italian patisserie, a very committed professional with training and with competitions and activities for youngsters, such as the Junior World Pastry Cup. Gianluca Fusto cares of every last detail of all his presentations in a minimalist trend-setting style. He has a particular fondness for working with chocolate. 

In this video, Gianluca Fusto is showing how to make to perfection a simple but worldwide appreciated recipe, the Apple Pie. The Moretti Forni technology is established for its versatility that makes the ovens the best equipment for pastry, bakery, and pizza. 

This is Gianluca Fusto’s first apple pie recipe. He submitted this recipe during his first exam at the Hospitality Institute when he was just a (talented) student; after that, he created about 20 different versions of it. If he decided to present it to his Master Class at Sigep in Rimini, using the Moretti Forni ovens, there should be a reason.  The Pastry Art is all about precision and attention and the Moretti Forni technology offers the very best in terms of reliability and efficiency. 

Along with the cake, he also gave us a taste of his skills and knowledge. Clear, precise – and pastry is also precision and attention – the pastry chef offered a taste of his superb knowledge by giving useful tips.

For example: To cook the apples of this cake is better the electrostatic oven or the thermoventilated oven? 

The difference is in the temperature: inside the ventilated oven the air can flow, and the temperature can be 210/220 °; inside the electrostatic oven instead, it goes up to 230/240 °, increasing the temperature on the ceiling. Gianluca Fusto prefers the static oven because when the butter melts down it creates a sort of apple candy and it keeps the fruit very soft.

*Two important parameters, time and temperature: if one increases, the other must decrease. A more aggressive temperature makes cooking faster and helps maintain the moisture.


  • 2008 – Gianluca Fusto Consulting is founded
  • 2013 – Publication of the book ‘Percorsi: L’universo dolce di Gianluca Fusto’

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