Gelato Ideas, “Dulce De Leche”.

Today we received from Staff Ice System a unique gelato recipe inspired by an ancient and famous dessert from South America, the “Dulche De Leche”.

It is one of the most appreciated and typical desserts in South America and broadly speaking in all the Latin countries. It consists of a sweet cream made with milk and sugar that is used to flavour ice-cream, coffee, yogurt or cakes and tarts, biscuits or simply being spread on a slice of bread for breakfast. The flavour and consistency remind of the more famous toffee but irresistibly scented with vanilla and caramel.

One of the most credited legends about the origin of this dessert tells as follows:

In the XIX century a housemaid working for the Argentine politician De Rosa forgot milk and sugar in the pot on the fire and as she came back, she found out that a smooth and sweet cream was formed due to the long-term cooking of the two ingredients. Afterwards, this casually prepared dessert was greatly appreciated and spread throughout the country, the United States and also in Europe.

The Gelato industry is clearly showing a continuous development that is increasingly embracing different cultures and their flavours and ingredients. The extraordinary versatility of this food makes it open to numerous culinary traditions by creating new recipes with the most exotic and sophisticated ingredients and spices.

Like pizza, gelato has come a long way outside the Italians borders by becoming one of the most appreciated international foods.

While constantly investing in research and new technologies, Staff Ice System are offering their experience to the Gelato professionals that are looking to upskill and diversify their menu.

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