Today at the Euroquip Showroom in Sydney, we have seen a fantastic turn out for our  first Gelato Art Workshop run by Elenka & Staff Ice System. With more than 100 years of combined experience Staff ice System and Elenka are some of the companies with the greatest knowledge about the Gelato Industry in the world, respectively for equipment and ingredients. Dario D’Agostino, well respected Food Industry Entrepreneur from Melbourne (Dama Consulting) , and Joe Cassisi Managing Director at Euroquip, have delighted an interested audience that included both professional and people new to the Gelato industry.

Synonymous with summer and sun, the world’s favourite dessert comes in a variety of flavours and shapes, from Italy to Australia, and all around the world, this treat delights everyone and has become a huge business. Gelato Art isn’t just about confidence and command of elaborate techniques, but there is an ancient culture that you need to embrace to become a passionate Gelato Artisan or “Gelataio”.

And did you know the wide range of desserts you can make with Gelato? Cakes, crepes, filled pastry  and even Pizza! .. Yes, your read it correctly! With Elenka bases you can make pink strawberry flavoured pizza dough and top it with Elenka’s chocolate spread and berries.

All the fantastic Elenka products are a perfect match with premium equipment such as multifunction machines by Staff Ice System and commercial refrigeration by Coldline. Staff Ice System designed the multifunction machines range in collaboration with Toshiba to provide the market both with innovation and efficiency. From  gelato to custard, risotto and sauces, you can obtain a vast number of products by simply using the same machine. In order to offer the very best to your customer, we understood the importance of safe storage thanks to the use of Coldline blast chiller, which helps to eliminate dangerous food bacteria and to keep the organoleptic properties of the food unchanged.

No Food Demo is successful without tasting the results! We couldn’t go away without giving our guests the pleasure of tasting  traditional italian gelato in 6 different flavours, delicious Sicilian brioches filled with Farcitella Chocolate (without palm oil), Semifreddo and of course pink pizza topped with chocolate and berries. In respect of the Italian tradition an aromatic and dense espresso by Caffe’ Moreno (imported by Napoli Food & Wines) completed the tasting.

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