Well, its’ not a coincidence if Mutti, world leading company in the tomatoes production is based in Parma. If you had the chance to visit this gem in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy, you know that this city is the world’s bellybutton when it comes to food. I’m not exaggerating. Think about it: Parmigiano (from Parma) the king of cheese was invented here, Prosciutto, Mortadella, handmade pasta, balsamic vinegar and many other cult foods, come from this area, which has been rewarded “Creative City For Gastronomy” By UNESCO.

Mutti started here in 1850 their first production and after over one century in Italian kitchens, the brand is now recognised internationally. Mutti decided to channel all its efforts in tomatoes in order to obtain a truly excellent product that is now appreciated world wide. Their laboratories and farmers work together to achieve quality by embracing the utmost respect for the environment. Mutti process only the best tomatoes to allow their customer to create culinary delights by always offering the best quality. Euroquip is proud to announce the collaboration with such a brand that is growing its reputation as synonymous of excellence in the Australian food industry too. “Rotondo di Parma”, Plum, Cherry, Baby Roma and San Marzano are made from sun, earth, water and time; these are the natural ingredients chosen by Mutti to obtain their top of the range tomatoes, from the simple canned ones to the tasty sauces and recipes specially created for your kitchen, restaurant or for the pizza industry.

T64E conveyor oven moretti forni

With the purchase of a T64E Moretti Forni conveyor pizza oven (that you can pay off in just 3 and 1/2 months) you will receive a generous complimentary starter pack that includes some of the best Mutti products for your pizza restaurant.

Mutti will be Euroquip’s Cohexibitor at Fine Food at the stand HC48 Level 4

Once you have tried you can’t go back.

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Photography is kindly provided by Mutti Australia.