Papa Joe’s Pizza is us! Our Pizza and our equipment!

For who came to the Easter Show and stop at Papa Joe’s Pizza to get a taste of our Pizza! Thank you!

For who didn’t make it: I am sorry! You have missed an incredible crazy show and our pizza!

Our Conveyor Ovens by Moretti Forni cooked once again THOUSANDS of pizzas and gourmet sausage panini at Sydney Royal Easter Show!

This year, for the 4th time, Euroquip exhibit again at Sydney Royal Easter Show 2022 always in collaboration with Bianco Kitchen.

4 Moretti Forni Conveyors Oven where used to serve everyone in such short time! For the sausage panini preparation we have used a T64 double chamber and for the pizza cooking the huge TT98 dual chamber!

The cold external surfaces, thanks to the exclusive patented Cool-Around®Technology, helped Euroquip staff to work safely in a small and busy space. The Dual-Temp®Technology allowed our staff to adjust both top and bottom temperatures inside the same chamber, to find the best cooking calibration quickly.

Also, the Adaptive-Power®Technology allowed proportional power control for escalated efficiency and lowered energy consumption.

In particular the TT98 has a crazy production capacity of 125 pizzas/h, that we have doubled by simply adding the second deck.

This electric oven reaches a temperature of  320°C in just 15 minutes, perfectly matching the busiest venue’s needs that have a very tight working schedule. Extreme ease of use, thanks to the automatic conveyor belt, guarantees excellent results in a very short time. Just set the time and right temperatures and the oven will do the rest.
With the TT98 conveyor oven, we were able to cook 1 of our pizza to perfection in just about 2 to 3 minutes and our customers happiness demonstrate us we’ve just chosen the right oven!