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Cosmo is an innovative Wi-Fi technology
that allows you to connect all of the Coldline appliances
in your workshop and monitor them from your smartphone.

Your security

Overnight production cycle – Thanks to the safety offered
by Cosmo, the production cycle can be extended to the nighttime hours, thus achieving considerable energy savings. Even without the presence of personnel, you can be sure that the programmed cycles will be carried out correctly.

Haccp on line – Cosmo helps you keep the HACCP record updated. Through the app you can download and archive daily reports or recover reports from previous days. The correct management of data and information is very simple, even for large kitchens.

Cosmo hub.
Connect all the chilling process

Preserve your heritage – Refrigerators work nonstop, 24 hours a day, and the maintenance of the quality of your food depends on their efficiency. You will be able to connect refrigerated counters and cabinets to a Cosmo HUB (VISION, MODI, LEVTRONIC) and monitor them. Cosmo detects any anomalies caused by power cuts or by any improper intervention by personnel and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone.

Keep the entire chain in the chilling process secure РCosmo technology is also available for the conservation cells in your workshop. Through the installation of a touch screen display you can check, control and extend safety to the entire chain of the chilling process.

Optimal performance

Constantly updated software – Thanks to Cosmo the VISION, MODI and LEVTRONIC software will receive periodic updates as they are released, with the most recently developed features.

Recommended service – Cosmo compares the current performance of a Coldline appliance with the ideal parameters. Should there be any significant differences,
it will suggest the necessary maintenance.