Guide for making the right catering equipment purchase: The Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens are great equipment for busy foodservice premises that cook a lot of the same item and rely on a fast service. A conveyor oven basically consists of a belt that transports food through a heated chamber, at a constant speed to get homogenously and perfectly cooked meals.

In the market you can find gas or electric conveyor ovens; they use heated air to cook food and either temperature and air jet can be adjusted accordingly to get the desired result. Conveyor ovens are extremely popular in pizza shops, especially where pizza is served by the slice; in bakery shops where you can find take away focaccia bread, pizzas, and sandwiches; in pubs and clubs and in casual dining venues in general where customers like to be served quickly.

Strengths of Moretti Forni Conveyor Ovens

  • Ease of use, the kitchen operator basically enters the food from one side and collects the cooked meal from the belt ready to be served
  • The consistency of results: you can set exact cooking time and results will never change
  • Time precision: with conveyor ovens, time will never be an issue as they are all automated
  • Can be benchtop or floor-standing conveyor ovens and they are also stackable
  • The heated air jet forms a membrane around the food which helps to retain the moisture
  • Lowest energy consumption and higher safety level thanks to Cool-Around®Technology for external temperature control
  • Environment-friendly, thanks to Adaptive Gas®Technology that releases gas only when needed
  • Personalisation thanks to Dual-Flow®Technology that allows controlling 2 different air flows
  • Reduce labour costs because you can use less skilled staff