Are you seeking to create something different?  Do you have a unique concept or inspiration?

Our quality equipment range is extremely versatile and can fit many different styles and design features. Equipment such as ovens, benchtops and commercial refrigeration contribute to the style of your venue other than improving the performance of your staff and kitchen.

It is always more common to opt for an open space kitchen rather than a traditional working space separated from the room floor. People are more likely to appreciate a dining experience in an open kitchen restaurant because it is definitely more involving and entertaining to watch an incredibly coordinated staff moving harmoniously and creating delicacies behind the stoves. Customers tend also to put greater trust in open kitchen restaurants especially in terms of food safety and hygiene. If you have opted for this kind of venue, you are offering to your customers an “experience inside the experience” and this is definitely a winning situation, but make sure your kitchen is impeccable. Professional staff and hygiene are obviously the basis and with some smart expedients you can also turn your open kitchen into a cooking theatre inside your restaurant. Invest in quality but in design too.

A wood fired oven finely covered with artistic tiles can add charm to your venue and become one of your best Instagrammed subject together with your dishes.

More than a fireplace, a wood fired oven will recreate that sophisticated but welcoming atmosphere that combines an exceptional cooking corner with uniqueness and character. By combining your equipment and design features your commercial kitchen could offer an impressive visual outcome. Quality and appearance can be balanced with functionality; the cooking performance can be enhanced by a remarkable piece of equipment that will produce both delicious flavours and unforgettable moments.