One of the major issues of running a bakery is the time and staff required to account for dough proving times. Since retarder proving units hit the market the struggle of timing and balance has decreased but now the features are making the process even easier and more effective.

The process of proofing the yeast and allowing it to ferment is a delicate process and the results can vary greatly depending on the environment in which the dough is stored. Timing is also important in the process and it’s crucial to ensure that over proofing doesn’t occur and that they dough is prepared and baked at the correct time. However, these days the guess work has been taken out of it and the highly intelligent technology of a Coldline retarder prover takes care of the science for you.

Traditional bakery methods required staff to start the preparation process a set number of hours before the time comes to begin baking.  After working and shaping the dough the baker must allow it to rest for 2 hours so that proofing and fermentation can take place. With a unit such as the Coldline Retarder Prover, this preparation stage of working the dough can be done ahead of time and the unit can be set to control the time in which it takes for the dough to be ready for baking

To prove the dough is to encourage fermentation and to speed up the process and to retard it is to slow the process. Both of these functions are achieved with the Coldline unit by controlling the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the environment inside the chamber. The settings are easily adjusted to ensure the process is completed at just the right time for the dough to be ready to bake.

With just the press of a button the Coldline unit will begin its cycle, taking the dough through a process that nurtures the dough in order to create outstanding results. Simply select the time you want the dough to be ready and the unit will do the rest.

There are a range of configurations for the bakery range, so you can choose the right size to suit your production and kitchen needs. Choose from 650lt, 700lt or 900lt  upright cabinets, roll in cabinets for 60×40 trays or 60×80 trays or pastry counters with two or three doors. If you want your unit to do even more than retard, store and prove then the

can also refrigerate, freeze and blast chill. Coldline VISION is truly a multi-function unit with all your desired functions pre-programmed making them as easy as “select and start”.