Commercial Refrigeration Special Features

Coldline provide a complete range of refrigerating appliances for the Catering, Pastry, Bakery, Ice cream and Pizzeria industry. The company have designed many different models, of different sizes and temperature ranges, specifically created to meet your professional demands. Strong, reliable and efficient appliances for storing, blast chilling and deep-freezing of your culinary delights.

Fully extendable drawers

Everythinfully extendable drawers commercial refrigeration coldlineg you place in a Coldline drawer will always be at your fingertips: the special stainless steel slides are completely removable and allow to easily reach the back side. The Coldline drawers have an increased capacity of storage.

Reinforced worktop

bench tops commercial refrigeration Resistant worktop that allow to overlay the appliances and maximize the space. For example, the top of the blast chillers are designed to support heavy loads. You can overlay an ice cream machine or an oven with weight up to 100 kg. This is surely a smart solution to organize the layout of the kitchen at its best. All the Coldline refrigerated counters are available both with reinforced worktop and with front and rear rounded edges for a perfect cleaning. The back-splash is closed at the rear to avoid accumulation of dirt. The top can also be supplied without back-splash. It is also available a version without top for those who need to integrate the refrigerated elements with an existing plan.

Customised solutions

customisable commercial refrigerationColdline equipment are modular to match your kitchen’s needs and layout. All Coldline refrigeration products can be customised, from the drawers to the storage cabinets, in order to ensure the maximum versatility and ease of cleaning in order to comply even with the stricter hygiene parameters. Counters without fixed compartments permit maximum design freedom. Height, number of compartments, type of worktop, position of the technical compartment, predisposition for central cooling system, style of the doors, drawers kit and temperature range: Coldline can customize each piece of equipment to ensure maximum comfort and greater performance. Moreover, this versatility allows to connect refrigerated counters with different range of temperature, by simply using a single technical compartment.

Shelves for bottles

refrigerated counters shelves for bottlesThe perforated shelves allow maximum stability of bottles, jars and cans. The outer edge avoids the fall of food. The shelves run on stainless steel slides and can be removed for easy cleaning and moving.

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