Moretti Forni, is the leading company in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavened.

Moretti Forni is the leading Company in the field of static baking and is known worldwide as “The SmartBaking Company®”. The company has been operating in the market for over 70 years and is the world’s leader in the production of deck ovens for pizza, pastry, bakery, and long leavened. It is also the reference brand for convection, conveyor, and both gas and electric ovens.
Moretti Forni has evolved the concept of “heat” as a real ingredient that must necessarily be of the best quality in order to achieve the perfect result.

Thus, “heat is an ingredient® ” becomes the corporate claim that has completely changed the way of thinking at the baking process to create made in Italy products in the world. The baking phase is not the final step of a recipe anymore, but it becomes the element defining both the whole process and the success of the preparation.

Making the baking experience perfect is the mission of Moretti Forni: a company at the forefront in everything it undertakes, from product design to technical and scientific innovation, from design to respect for the environment, constantly investing in research and human resources. All solutions proposed by Moretti Forni ensure high safety to the operator, energy savings, efficiency with the constant of baking perfection for all ovens: a wide range of products to guarantee the customer the right solution to their needs.

In order to meet the demands of a market increasingly characterized by the need for advanced skills in the baking field, Moretti Forni becomes #CotturaFutura for the research of heat evolution whereby professionals and technologies draw a path towards the future of baking.

Moretti Forni provides all the necessary tools, from financial services to interior design, from aftersales service guaranteed all over the world to training: MorettiLAB Learn And Bake is the first academy in the world specifically focused on baking.

The company thus becomes a SmartBaking® Solution Provider with optimal solutions for all customer needs.

Innovation: Moretti provides users the newest technologies already tested and immediately expendable.

Proven reliability: Product lifecycle is exceptionally long and an effective and punctual after-sales service.

Maximum safety: All ovens and commercial equipment are made with materials and top quality components that are always tested by highly qualified personnel before being placed on the market: for Moretti Forni end-user protection is paramount.

Eco-compatibility: The company is constantly committed to complying with the environment where it operates and invests in research of advanced technology and cutting-edge solutions designed to save resources and energy, as the use of renewable energies, the reduction of waste at every stage of the process and sustainability in the production chain.

History of Moretti Forni

The Beginning: Brevetti Moretti

Moretti’s story begins in 1946, with the first pastry oven designed and built by founder Placido Moretti. His experience in the field of practical applications of electricity was applied and conveyed in the new cooking tool. In a short time, Brevetti Moretti is established; the first company in Italy to have the merit of introducing the benefits of electric cooking to the market. Until this point, the Italian market was only familiar with the wood-burning stove.

The Next-Generation Moretti Forni

It will be the next generation to create Moretti Forni snc in 1965. The company starts a new path to the industrialization of products and processes that soon will become a brand known and appreciated also in international markets. The years following mark important successes such as the design of the first modular gas commercial ovens, the production start-up of furnaces for firing ceramics and an expansion of the product range also to complementary commercial catering equipment.

The Third Generation: Expansion of the distribution network.

In the 90’s, the third generation of Moretti makes its entrance in the company: at the same time as the transformation into joint stock companies begins the first collaboration with the most important distributors of the sector and the company opens to the globalization of markets, proposing itself as a supplier of integrated solutions for professional catering. In 2005 the company moved into its present location of Mondolfo, a modern structure of about 10,000 square meters designed with a view to a more rational, efficient production and safe, fully respecting the environment. Today, the company is increasingly geared for expansion abroad, the reputation of the Moretti name has extended far beyond Europe including countries such as the United States of America, Canada and of course Australia and New Zealand. With a successful history that has lasted for almost 70 years, Moretti looks to the future with interest and optimism, not losing sight of the goal of providing intelligent solutions aligned with the most intelligent technologies.


Moretti’s success over the years has been based on solid and united values:

Human capital: The company has always invested in qualified and motivated human resources and appropriately utilises their qualities and aptitudes. This is testified by the loyalty and commitment from its employees: a precious commodity that makes all the difference.

Capital of technology: This is a major advantage for Moretti Forni: over 70 years of experience, handed down through the generations and still proudly guarded within the company to give it a competitive advantage that strengthens its market leadership every day.

Research and Innovation: Huge resources are committed every year for the development of new solutions that can provide significant advantages in the everyday use of kitchen equipment, also in synergy with partners internationally. An integral part of the Moretti code is the constant boost toward research and innovation.

Sustainable development: A current and urgent issue today – no company can ignore careful environmental consciousness and self-criticism: this concept has existed in Moretti already for a long time, and its strict application comes before everything else.

Moretti: Chosen by the best.

Just a few of the big names around the world that have chosen Moretti Forni:

Hotels, Resorts, Theme ParksCompaniesFood Laboratories
HiltonMercedes BenzFerrero
Holiday InnLamborghiniBarilla
Disneyland ParisRolex

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