Moretti Forni launches Neapolis®, a new electric oven able to reproduce the authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

Moretti Forni launches Neapolis®

Naples, or Napoli in Italian, is the famous southern Italian city that rises on the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Vesuvio volcano. Neapolis was the ancient name of Greek origin, Νεάπολις, which means new city. During the centuries Napoli flourished by growing its unique beauty that you can admire in the astonishing architecture and luxuriant Mediterranean nature that surrounds the gulf

Naples’ reputation reaches you long before you reach the city, because of one thing that we all know (and love) very much and this thing is her majesty Pizza, a genius creation of the chef Raffaele Esposito in honour of the Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889.

Moretti Forni, the Italian company world leader in the production of static ovens, decided this year to take on a huge challenge by launching a new electric oven, which promises to revolutionise the Neapolitan Pizza industry. As the tradition wants the Neapolitan Pizza to be cooked in a wood-fired oven, Neapolis® has been designed to reproduce exactly the taste of authentic Neapolitan Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, in order to satisfy the demand of a fast pace pizza industry always looking for a faster service and lower energy consumption.

The modern and slender design integrates perfectly with the frenetic style of modern catering, the vintage touch brings us back to the pleasures of tradition. The most famous Italian and international pizza makers immediately embraced the new technology of Neapolis® that revolutionizes the way of making Neapolitan pizza.

You can see for yourself how beautiful this oven is, but we want to tell you how the idea of experimenting new possibilities for the Neapolitan Pizza was born. This oven doesn’t want to replace the tradition of the authentic wood-fired pizza, which art was also officially recognised by UNESCO as world heritage. Rather Neapolis® has been created with the aim of exploiting the best technologies to facilitate the cooking process and the ability of the craftsman pizza maker to control the oven, now that the pace of work is increasingly fast, the costs continue to rise and the customers are always more demanding. Neapolis® makes the best use of Moretti Forni’s technology, software, and materials in order to provide the baker and pizzaiolo with the best equipment available.

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A Formula One machine able to reach a temperature of 510 °C in a short time and to keep it uninterrupted. Going beyond the psychological and technological limit of 500 °C was the first goal, in order to allow fast cooking and high temperatures, just what the tradition of Neapolitan pizza requires. Moretti Forni knows that 480 °C is the specific temperature for Neapolitan pizza, and those additional 30 °C represent a plus for all those pizza makers who want to push themselves to the limit as well as relying on extra power during the most intense shifts.

Moretti Forni products are known for their energy savings features, which not only means lighter bills but above all a lower environmental impact. The study of internal dimensions, insulation, and refractory materials has been extremely attentive, just enough to listen the most conservator pizza makers confirming that Neapolis® “actually works”.

How this premium oven does perfectly the job, can be explained by some of the most popular Italian pizzaioli, like Salvatore Lionello who tested the heart of Neapolis® in the very first phase. Or Diego Vitagliano, who took part in the power and refinement tests. Gino Sorbillo has evaluated details and usability comparing these characteristics with different types of pizza appreciated in Naples, Milan and New York. Last but not less important, Alessandro Lo Stocco” the Moretti Forni electric pizza maker” gave the oven his blessing.

If this is your first trip to Naples, we highly recommend visiting the pizzeria Palazzo Petrucci in San Domenico Maggiore square in Naples, where the first Neapolis oven was installed. If you are in Australia we are confident that from now on you will be able to taste an Electric Neapolitan Pizza in many places.

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