Pastry World Championship 2017

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The World Trophy Of Pastry, Ice Cream And Chocolate 2017


21 -22 October 2017, Milan – Italy

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The “World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate 2017“ takes place every 2 years in Italy at the most prestigious fair of this sector, Host Fiera Milano. Australia will compete for the very first time in this that has become the most important international event in the pastry industry.

Euroquip Food Service Equipment as international partner of FIPGC – the International Federation of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate – have been looking forward 2 years to this amazing opportunity for the pastry chefs down under.  The project has been developed with the aim of bringing out the borders, the talent of some young talented patissiers

The International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate foster the development of knowledge of the confectionery art world wide. They also play a key role in the advancement of bakers, ice cream makers, chocolatiers, cooks, cake designers with the aim of ensuring the protection of social and professional values and elevating the prestige of the whole pastry industry..

The established catering equipment supplier Euroquip as main sponsor of the Australian Team, have looked after to the chefs for several months by providing them with the very best in terms of training, expertise and technology.

 Frankie Ferrante (21), Georgia Clisdell (20), Lucy Powell (20) and their coach Luigi Stivaletta from TAFE NSW will present in Italy some elaborate sculptures and decadent desserts based on the competition theme “the world of chocolate and coffee”; they promise to incorporate some very Australian elements to celebrate the superb level achieved by the country in this industry. The young chefs declare to be incredibly excited and a little bit tense to appear on such a stage. If their young spirits can transpire some emotion, their careers show the features of three solid and established professionals with the two young ladies already working as entrepreneurs and Ferrante as chef de partie at a famous two hat restaurant in Bondi Beach.

Luigi Stivaletta the coach can absolutely boast a renowned pedigree of 25 years’ experience in sophisticated baking and pastry that has seen him enchanting many customers at some of the Sydney’s best fine dining venue. He is currently sharing his prestigious knowledge with his students as a Lecture Chef at the prestigious institute TAFE NSW. Luigi said that teaching brings out his best and when he received the offer of coaching  the Australian pastry team, he couldn’t refuse.

16 teams from all 5 continents will meet this October in Milan. The Australian Pastry Team will compete for the very first time against the current world champion Japan and gold reputation countries like Italy and France.

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Meet The Australian Pastry Team:


Luigi Stivaletta

Luigi Stivaletta’s resume vaunts 25 years’ experience among the Australian Pastry industry. His cool temperament and brilliant personality attracted the interest of some of the most important fine dining venues in Australia until his passion for teaching boosted his career among the main Australian and international hospitality institutes.

Stivaletta’s reputation is widely recognised among pastry chefs and bakers from Australia, Singapore to Hong Kong and Malaysia. As a qualified pastry chef, venturing into competitions for pastry and cake challenges was a norm and he has carted away several gold, silver and bronze medals in recognition of his skill and talent, he has been also a judge for the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. 

Coming from a strict Italian background, from a family of bakers, he started his studies in hospitality because his parents wanted him to supervise his sister while attending cake decoration classes. “it wasn’t cool for a boy to make flowers, you know”, Luigi said.  Despite the young age and the very different aspirations of Luigi as a child, cake decorating was the first step to his long term and successful sweet exploit. Stivaletta also run his own business for 15 years, but it was teaching and sharing his knowledge and passion that bring out his best. He is now a brilliant teacher at TAFE NSW, which is s Australia’s leading provider of vocational education.

Frankie Ferrante

frankie ferrante chef

Frankie Ferrante has a passion that beats at the rhythm of his heart. From an Italian heritage family where good food is a way of life, his determination for cooking and innovation in culinary arts commenced early in high school when he topped his class in hospitality. From then on his passion grew continuously by specialising with a degree Pastry and then landing in some of the most prestigious Sydney restaurants. Frankie jumped straight into the shark tank of renowned 1 hat restaurant, Catalina, where he put in long hours and dedication to excel in his field. Then it was the time for Sheraton On The Park and Love fish’ in the exclusive Barangaroo, where he could consolidate his career in pastry by becoming the junior sous chef. This is where he dedicated his time in perfecting and innovating new flavours and desserts that could stand out for uniqueness and delicacy. Wanting to move up in the industry, Frankie has now secured a place as a Chef de Partie at the famous 2 hat restaurant “Icebergs” in Bondi Beach and will continue to display his passion and drive us through the flavours of exquisite desserts.


Georgia Clisdell

georgia clisdell

Georgia Clisdell’s career in pastry, started at the young age of 12 years old. Not even a teenager, when the life of the majority of students is focused on friends and first loves, Georgia decided to take the winding road to become a pastry chef.

Only few years have been passed from the school days and Georgia Clisdell only 20 years old has a degree in pastry and is a young lady entrepreneur, running “Sweet Dreams Sydney” that brings a unique, fun and personalized feel to special occasions cakes, and pastry creations in general.  Dream big (or … Sweet Dream) and you will achieve what you want.




Lucy Powell

lucy powel australian pastry team

Lucy Powell is a young, passionate pastry chef (aged 20) and has been in love with sweetness for as long as she can remember. Love turned into dedication, invested in all her studies though high school and then tertiary education.  Her creativity and vision excelled in her Major Textiles Project, displayed at Sydney Power House Museum for exemplary work. (2015)

Lucy dreams of having her own thriving business and has begun this in special occasion cakes. ‘La Passion Patisserie’ was established in 2016 as a start to a sweet career. 

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