Valoriani takes the Aussie BBQ to a higher level – The Woodfired Barbecue”

Valoriani takes the Aussie BBQ to a higher level – The Woodfired Barbecue”

The weekend barbie is definitely a tradition in the Aussie culture, we love it.

We can’t wait for our  breaks when the friendly Aussie BBQ is such a good part of our leisure time spent with friends and family. It is the Aussie way to sit around the table, which is tradition in many countries. But with our weather, how can you stay inside?

We know very well how it works, we invite the special ones to our place, better if there are kids playing around in the garden, and we share luscious foods as steaks, chops, sausages, buttered garlic bread, yummy veggies and so on, over a good glass of wine or a beer every chance we get.

Let’s say it loud and proud … We do love food and drink.

Hold on a second. I am not saying that we are the only country eating outside. But Barbie is the habit that really identifies us Australians. I am sure you have never forget one of the best Australia Ad to me, which is Paul Hogan inviting people to come down under “ Come and say G’day” … And he throw another shrimp on the barbecue.

So making a good bbq is making people happy and the company Valoriani have found the way to take our Barbie to a higher level. With the same price of a traditional barbecue, we give you a WOODFIRED BARBECUE … and you can cook Woodfired Pizza too.

Yes, I said that. Promise.

So watch the video, it talks by itself and I bet you will call me for the figs recipe!

By Elena C.




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Valoriani is Made in Italy, distributed in Australia by Vesuvio brand of Euroquip