Single Door ‘Levtronic’ Roll-In Cabinet (EN 60×40) Trolley
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Single Door ‘Levtronic’ Roll-In Cabinet (EN 60×40) Trolley



Retarder Prover by Coldline

Safe refrigeration is combined with the practicality of the stainless steel trolley so that trays and serving dishes can be easily transported: a single front in the Roll-In model.
In canteens, industrial cooking complexes and catering companies, the handling of plates and trays plays an important role in the organisation of the work. The Roll-In refrigeration systems are designed to aid in this task in the best possible way, by reducing service times and improving overall efficiency: normal or glass doors to house 1 or 2 trolleys, containing grids or GN2/1 trays.

Model Temperature Range Standard Equipment Ext. Dim. mm
W – D – H
W (kg) Power
J100/1FH -6°+40°C LED lighting, lock with key 810×815×2115 mm 160 240V, 1N, 1.4kW, 6.2A

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