Dough Sheeters SF/ 50 P Pastry And Bakery

Dough Sheeters SF/ 50 P, Pastry And Bakery

Dough sheeters are made in Italy by Moretti Forni.

The SF50 P dough sheeters are extremely efficient and versatile. 

External Construction:

  • Dough sheeters structure in painted stainless steel
  • Dough sheeters shoulders in aluminum fusion
  • Belt conveyor with changeable speed in the two driving directions
  • Safety devices in stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle to choice dough thickness
  • Hand and foot lever to inverse the driving direction
  • Sheet of pastry collector in stainless steel
  • Machine on wheels

Internal Construction

  • Dough rollers diameter 60 cm
  • Chain drive
  • Disassembly scrapers for rolling cylinders
  • Electrical system with low-voltage auxiliary circuits
  • End run connected to safety devices


  • The dough rollers extend any type dough pastry even very thin thickness
  • The belt conveyors with changeable speed suitable to avoid wrinkles
  • Raise-able surfaces for overall sizes reducing at rest time

Standard Equipment 

  • Rolling pins to rolling up the dough after the rolling-mill process
  • Flour-holder basin

Options and Accessories (surcharge)

  • Mono-phasic electric motor 1 speed
  • Belt conveyors – measures 500 x 710 mm


Dough sheeters very compact on purpose studied for small spaces. it is equipped of belt conveyors with two speeds in the two driving directions. Easy to use by mean of front control panel. The machine gives the possibility to obtain different thickness of dough, from 3.5 cm to few mm, thanks to the accurate regulation of the rollers. Raise-able surfaces for overall sizes reducing. The machine is on rotating wheels and has adjustable foots for stability during operation. 


Ext. Height 640 mm

Ext. Depth 873 mm

Ext. Width 1776 mm

Weight 115 Kg

Shipment Information:

Max Height 1010 mm

Max Depth 950 mm

Max Width 630 mm

Weight (115 + 10) Kg


Standard Feeding A.C. V400 3

Feeding on Request A.C. V230 3

Frequency 50 Hz

Power 0,55 kW

Cable Equipped – Type 4 x 1, 55 mm2; Lenght 3500 mm


Machine Capacity

Belt Conveyor 710 x 500 mm

Cylinders Diameter 60 mm

Max Cylinder Range 35 mm

Download Technical Sheet

Dough sheeters SF/50P $11,900.00 + gst


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