Double Deck Electric Modular Bakery Oven with Dual Chamber


Includes Models: COMP P120E A2, COMP P120E B2, COMP P120E C2

The serieP range by Moretti Professional is the output of an experience in manufacturing bakery ovens achieved by the company in more than 60 years. Safety, reliability, efficiency and high quality in baking are assets that Moretti proudly shares with the end user.
Electric bakery deck ovens: Every serieP deck is provided with the exclusive Moretti System Control electronic board with split setting of heat for the ceiling and the bottom, switch on timer, economy function and cooking programs.
The whole serieP range is fitted with heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fiber. The glass is easily replaceable from outside the oven. All the serieP models are decorated with a special black dashboard giving the oven a nice and unalterable design, together with a very high hygiene.
The baking chamber is interchangeable with an embossed steel floor for products in trays or a refractory brick floor and steam generator for baking bread.
P120E: features wide front opening, twin doors for each deck making it practical to use and reduces energy usage as it protects from heat loss.

  • Modular Design
  • Electric power
  • Embossed Steel deck
  • Front side in stainless steel
  • Decorative element for hood
  • Electronic Controls
  • Economy function
  • Switch on Timer
  • 20 cooking programs
  • Protected internal light
  • Heavy duty door
  • Trayholder slides


  • Double Deck Oven
  • Hood
  • Base
  • Stand
  • Castors
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimesions Internal Chamber Dimensions PACKED WEIGHT
WIDTH (mm) DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm) WIDTH (mm) DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm)
COMP P120E A2 1610  1279 2090 1240  650  300  597
COMP P120E B2 1610 1479 2090  1240 850  300  658
COMP P120E C2  1610  1879  2090  1240 1300 300  803
COMP P120E A2 3 phase 8.5 kW 8000 Watt 415 V 13.9 AMP
COMP P120E B2 3 phase 9.3 kW 9000 Watt 415 V 15.7 AMP
COMP P120E C2 3 phase 11.5 kW 11000 Watt 415 V 19.2 AMP
MODEL Production
Nr. Of Decks Nr. Trays Trays output/h Heating Time Max Temp
COMP P120E A2 2 6 18 200°C in 25 mins 450°C
COMP P120E B2 2 8 24 200°C in 25 mins 450°C
COMP P120E C2 2 12 36 200°C in 25 mins 450°C

BROCHURE: SeriesP – P60E P80E P120E – Brochure

Model Spec Sheet
COMP P120E A2 P120E A – Double – Spec Sheet
COMP P120E B2 P120E B – Double- Spec Sheet
COMP P120E C2 P120E C – Double- Spec Sheet
COMP P120E A2 $27,890 + gst
COMP P120E B2 $30,250 + gst
COMP P120E C2 $33,170 + gst



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