5 Trays Blast Chillers VISION By Coldline


Commercial Refrigeration | Blast Chillers Made in Italy

VISION blast chiller can be used for blast chilling, eliminating dangerous food bacteria as Anisakis, freezing, store, prove and thawing thanks to a technology that dynamically manages temperature, ventilation intensity, and humidity levels.

Blast chillers are now a common tool in pastry laboratories and commercial kitchens. With VISION, you can use the machine round the clock, recouping your investment in a very short time. You can blast chill and freeze during the day, gently thaw or prove your dough overnight, streamlining work and reducing personnel costs.

With VISION your raw materials, semi-worked products, and creations are quick, efficiently and accurately blast-chilled with cycles specifically designed for each of them. You will save time, reduce energy consumption, and soon see the quality and economic benefits.


  • Blast chilling
  • Deep freezing
  • Storage
  • Retarder/prover
  • Chocolate
  • Thawing


  •  Keeping costs under control
  • Planning production. 4 Days preparation For 7 days of service
  • Improving food safety
  • Enhance commercial kitchen performance
  • Pastry making art 
  • The right temperature for each type of food
  • Keeping food quality unchanged

MULTIFUNCTION: Have you ever thought of what it costs to buy a specific appliance for every need? Vision performs several functions: blast-chilling, proving, storing, chocolate crystallization, thawing.

Why not blast chill your croissants and pastries during the day and prove them at night? Vision technology takes advantage of several features of the equipment within 24 hours, an innovation that allows you to quickly recoup your investment, save space and avoid unnecessary spending on additional equipment.

Every modern business requires careful control of costs and revenues to achieve a reasonable profit. The equipment used plays a crucial role in this regard. The new VISION range is designed to optimise time, space and resources providing the highest level of quality in blast chilling, proving and storage.

  • AISI 304 stainless steel exterior/interior
  • Rounded internal corners
  • Adjustable legs
  • Tropicalised condensing unit
  • HACCP compliant
  • Touch screen interface
  • Scientific precision – constantly adjusts temperature, humidity level, and ventilation intensity
  • Continuous updating of software
  • HACCP reporting technology
  • USB capability
  • 60mm insulation thickness
  • Hot gas defrost
  • High-efficiency fans
  • Aspera compressors


  • Bluetooth printer
  • Fast service system


  • 5 Tray capacity blast chiller
  • Stainless steel construction
  • N. 5 pair of slides type L compatible GN1/1-EN60×40
  • Pitch 53 mm
  • Water drain
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimesions
WIDTH (mm) DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm) BODY HEIGHT(mm) NET WEIGHT(kgs) Cooling Gas
W5F 780 860 840 710 135 R404a
MODEL Power(Per Deck)
W5F 1 Phase 50 Hz 886 Watt 240 V 4.9 AMP
MODEL Production
Nr. Of Drawers Nr. Of Doors Nr. of trays Cooling Capacity Temperature Range
W5F NA 1 5 1528 W* – Blast chilling yield +3˚C: 18 kgs
– Deep freezing yield -18˚C: 14 kgs
Vision Brochure
MODEL Spec Sheets
W5F W5F – Spec Sheet
W5F $12,850 +gst  


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