TWIN Chocolate Melting Machine

“Twin” Dual Pot Chocolate Melting Machine

• Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 according to CE laws
• Designed for front of house applications
• Dual melters
• Pedal operated dosing system
• Rear chocolate unloading
• Double stop-flow system to help in dosing the desired quantity
• Low power consumption


“Twin” is a chocolate melting machine, which modern design fits perfectly in confectionery counters, chocolate shops, ice-cream and coffee shops. The small size allows flexible positioning, adaptable also to existing furniture. 
The presence of two melting bowls enhances the aesthetical impact by increasing the olfactory and visual effect
The machine can decorate the products twice quickly, it fills small glasses and cups with pure chocolate, streaks waffles, dips ice-cream cones and cups. 
The double stop-flow system helps in dosing the desired quantity
The low power consumption allows its continuous use for the whole day long

Technical Data

  • Capacity(bowl): 7 kg each bowl
  • Average Power Consumption: 1.5kW  Voltage: 380/220 V  50/60 HZ – 3 phases , + n + t (other voltages on request)
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimensions
MINI-MONO 538 587 1084 70
MINI-MONO 3 phases 50 Hz 1.5 Kw 220 – 380 V N/A
MODEL Production
Bowl Capacity Production (bowls/hr)
MINI-MONO 7 Kg each bowl N/A


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