Batch Freezers, Gelato Machines BTX150

Batch Freezers, Gelato Machines BTX150 

Gelato Machines By Staff Ice System, Made In Italy

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These batch freezers are professional equipment for chefs. Featuring a high output capacity and short production cycles, the unit is used to make excellent dairy recipes, gelato, sorbets and much more

  • Batch Freezers are made in Italy
  • Vertical bench top Gelato batch freezers
  • Max capacity: 2 liters (approx 2,3 kgs) per cycle (in approx 10 minutes)
  • Max hourly production: 12 kgs (15L)
  • Inverter technology designed in collaboration with TOSHIBA, for density control and adjustable agitator speed
  • Over 50 customisable programs and a 2.5” Graphic Display
  • Adjustable stirrer speed in all programs
  • Mixing Programs: for mixing whipping, whashing
  • Cooling Programs: You can choose the ideal cycle
  • Customisable Programs to modify density, agitator speed, freezing time and temperature
  • Stand support on request
  • Air Condenser
  • Standard Voltage 230V – 50Hz – 1pH
  • Power 1600W
  • Net Weight 55Kg
  • Dimensions 435 x 592 x 571 + 24
  • The production may change in relation to the temperature and type of mixes

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Euroquip exclusively import in Australia Staff Ice System ice-cream machines and catering equipment. Our company can provide you with free consulting for your business and can support you with continuous training.

  • 15L Programmable Gelato Batch Freezers
  • Maximum Liquid Capacity: 2 litres / 2.3kgs
  • Over 50 customisable programs
  • 2.5” Graphic Display
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimesions
BTX150 435 592 571 55 kg
BTX150 1 Phase 50 Hz 2 Kw 240 V 8.3 AMP
MODEL Production
Hourly Production Max Capacity
BTX150 15 Litres/hour 2 litres / approx 2.3kg

BROCHURE: Click below to download 

barch freezer benchtop

MODEL Spec Sheets
BTX150 BTX150 – Spec Sheet
BTX150 $10,900 +gst


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