6 Pan Ingredient Top


The static refrigeration on the 4 sides of the container will ensure that all ingredients are perfectly stored. As a shift finishes, the product can stay quite happily in the display cabinet until the next shift. The pans are inclinated towards the operator to facilitate the collection.
320 OR 380 MM DEPTH: The 320 mm deep version accommodates GN1/4 pans, the 380 mm deep version GN1/3 pans. Available with straight tempered glass or without glass. Temperature range 0°+10°C.
DRAIN PLUG: The water drain plug on the bottom of the panholder facilitates cleaning and drainage of water from defrosting and cleaning.
TECHNICAL COMPARTMENT TO THE RIGHT OR LEFT: Choose whether you prefer the technical compartment to the right or left, with no price increase. The refrigeration system will always be kept a suitable distance from the oven, with benefits in terms of efficiency and energy-saving. Each appliance can be provided ready for remote connection.
EFFICIENCY: The technical compartment ventilator takes the air in from the front and expels it from the rear or the side. You can decide whether to place the cabinet against a wall, or next to another element without affecting the efficiency of its cooling. The insulation between the internal refrigerated pans and the outside, stops the creation of condensation. The technical compartment can be opened for regular cleaning of the condenser.
ON A WALL, PLINTHS OR FEET: Panholders are designed for wall mounting, for positioning on granite
VACUUM ON 2 POINTS: The vacuum phase of the refrigeration circuit is crucial to eliminate impurities or moisture, which reduce refrigeration capacity and increase energy consumption. Coldline performs a double vacuum phase on two points of the circuit to obtain perfect efficiency.n.

  • AISI 304 stainless steel exterior/interior
  • Rounded internal corners
  • Adjustable legs
  • Static refrigeration
  • Tropicalised condensing unit.
  • Operation up to +43°C ambient
  • 320 depth for GN1/4 pans
  • 380 depth for GN1/3 pans
  • HACCP compliant
  • Electronic control panel
    – Flush keypad
    – High temperature alarm
    – Maximum temperature memory
    – Quick HOT-KEY programming system
    – Serial port for connection to MODBUS-RTU monitoring systems


  • Ingredient Top with capacity for 6 x ⅓ pans
  • Stainless Steel construction
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimesions
VP 14/6NL 1450 380 485 48 kg
VP 14/6NL 1 Phase 50 Hz 328 Watt 240 V 1.8 AMP
MODEL Production
Nr. Of Drawers Nr. Of Doors Cooling Capacity Temperature Range
VP 14/6NL 368 W*  -2˚C/ +10˚C
Coldline – Pizzeria brochure
MODEL Spec Sheets
VP 14/6NL VP14-6NL – spec sheet
VP 14/6NL $1,990 + gst



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