3 Door + 7 Drawer Kitchen Bench


Commercial Refrigeration | Kitchen Bench With Granite Top & Ingredient Top

The secret to good pizza is in the quality of a well-risen dough, made with first choice flour and yeast, and skillful cooking. The result is fragrant, crisp and tasty pizza, enhanced by the touch of experience of the pizza maker. Coldline Pizza counters and kitchen benches perfectly preserve the quality of your dough until you need to prepare it when pizza takes shape on the hardwearing granite worktop to become the great delicacy your customers are used to.
Modern demands are combined with ancient recipes to keep up the tradition of the most famous Italian dish in the world. Coldline responds to these new requirements with a range of refrigerated counters designed for perfect storage of dough and ingredients. Pizza counters are 80 cm deep, accommodate 7 EN60x40 containers per compartment, with operating temperatures of -2°+8°C.
SOUND-PROOFED TECHNICAL COMPARTMENT: The technical compartment is an integral part of the unit, insulated with thick insulation layers for maximum soundproofing.
CONTROLLED AIR FLOW: The innovative dual air circulation system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and optimum temperature distribution even at full load. A delicate cold and indirect ventilation keep optimal humidity levels to ensure proper hydration and prevent superficial cracks from forming on the kitchen bench.
HOT GAS DEFROST: The hot gas automatic defrost (plug-in) operates for the time strictly necessary to defrost the ice, thereby reducing energy consumption.
TECHNICAL COMPARTMENT TO THE RIGHT OR LEFT: Choose whether you prefer the technical compartment of your kitchen bench, with no price increase. The refrigeration system will always be kept a suitable distance from the oven, with benefits in terms of efficiency and energy-saving.
COMFORT AND SPACE WITH REMOTE UNIT: The remote version takes up very little room, thanks to the compact size of the equipment compartment. By choosing to place the cooling equipment outside you will have more space and a quieter and pleasant working environment.
QUICK CONNECTORS: The thermostat is equipped with quick release connectors, it can be removed and replaced easily.
VACUUM ON 2 POINTS: The vacuum phase of the refrigeration circuit is crucial to eliminate impurities and moisture, which reduce refrigeration capacity and increase energy consumption. Coldline performs a double vacuum phase on two points of the circuit to obtain perfect efficiency.
GRANITE TOP: You can count on a large, strong and thick granite worktop. You can work worry-free and roll out your dough without the risk of it sticking to the surface. The plinths on three sides (H200 mm) allow you to place the refrigerated display cabinet with toppings above the worktop, clearing the space below.
REFRIGERATED PANHOLDERS: The static refrigeration on the 4 sides of the container will ensure that all ingredients are perfectly stored. As a shift finishes, the product can stay quite happily in the display cabinet until the next shift. The pans are inclined towards the operator to facilitate the collection.

  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion coating
  • Tropicalised condensing unit. Guaranteed operation up to +43°C ambient
  • Sound-proofed technical compartment
  • Condensing unit that pulls out for inspection and cleaning
  • FSS replaceable refrigeration system
  • Automatic defrost: hot gas for plugin
    – electrical in remote versions
  • Automatic condensation evaporation
  • HACCP compliant
  • Electronic control panel
    – Flush keypad
    – High temperature alarm
    – Maximum temperature memory
    – Quick HOT-KEY programming system
    – Serial port for connection to MODBUS-RTU monitoring systems


  • 3 Door + 7 Drawers Prep Bench
  • Granite work top
  • Ingredient Top
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Tropicalized (+43˚C) removable cooling unit
  • Fan-forced air refrigeration
  • Hot gas defrost


  • Stainless steel castors
  • Service sink



  • AISI 304 stainless steel exterior/interior
  • Rounded internal corners
  • Adjustable legs
  • Static refrigeration
  • Tropicalised condensing unit.
  • Operation up to +43°C ambient
  • 320 depth for GN1/4 pans
  • 380 depth for GN1/3 pans
  • HACCP compliant
  • Electronic control panel
    – Flush keypad
    – High temperature alarm
    – Maximum temperature memory
    – Quick HOT-KEY programming system
    – Serial port for connection to MODBUS-RTU monitoring systems
MODEL Dimensions
External Dimesions
TZ17/1MC VP 2560 800 1525 280 kg


TZ17/1MC VP 1 Phase 50 Hz 546 Watt 240 V 3.1 AMP


MODEL Production
Nr. Of Drawers Nr. Of Doors Cooling Capacity Temperature Range
TZ17/1MC VP 7 3 565 W* Counter
565 W* Top
-2˚C/ +8˚C


Coldline – Pizzeria brochure
MODEL Spec Sheets
TZ17/1MC VP TZ17-1MC – spec sheetVP25-13NL – spec sheet


TZ17/1MC VP $11,300 + gst



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