Product Warranty


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Once we receive your details and confirm your cabinet is under warranty, Euroquip will issue you with a claim number and arrange for our closest authorized service agent to attend and rectify the problem.


Please check the following points before you lodge a service request.

Power: Make sure the power cord or plug has not been damaged. 
  Is power available at the power point?  Check by connecting another appliance that is working into the power point.
 Cleaning: All Refrigerator and freezer units must have condenser filters cleaned regularly (monthly & more frequently if required).
  Check that they are clean   before lodging a service request.
  Note: Warranty does not cover door seals, wear and tear on wire shelves.

Note: In the event that a warranty call out determines that Euroquip is not liable under warranty, then the service agent will bill the customer directly for the cost of the call out and time on site. This charge will also apply during warranty periods.

Instructions: It is essential that you carefully read the instruction manual supplied to ensure that the problem encountered is not caused by misreading or incorrectly following directions.

Euroquip is not responsible for consequential damages including any direct or indirect economic loss, including losses or damages arising from food or product spoilage. Refer to Euroquip full Warranty Terms & Conditions.

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