Bamboo Pizza Boards:

vesuvio-woodfired-ovens-by-valoriani-made-in-italy These new and improved bamboo pizza boards, have been specially designed to meet the needs of the Australian market. Slide your pizza out of the oven and onto one of these stylish, but at the same time traditional, bamboo pizza boards. They are ideal for cutting your pizzas without dulling your knives as well as serving to your guests in style. The tapered edge easily slides under the pizza base keeping it intact and presentable. The smooth finish is soft to the touch and will not splinter. The high quality bamboo is resistant to oils and moisture keeping the board stain free. The pizza boards have been trialled and tested with great results and are now ready to be shipped. Bamboo pizza boards are the best way to present your pizza without it sticking whilst keeping the crust at optimal moisture. It doesn’t continue to cook the pizza when it is taken from the oven and retains the unique wood fired flavour. These boards are great for presentation of your pizza as well as being practical.

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