Deck Ovens – Serie S Deck Oven By Moretti Forni For Any Needs.

serieslogo-deck-ovens-for-sale-in-australiaPizza ovens and bakery deck ovens of Moretti Forni Serie S, are the lowest energy consumption ovens in their category. Moretti Forni achieves a new yet important goal: a 35% energy saving in 2018. Thanks to sophisticated technologies and to special and innovative insulating materials have reduced unnecessary energy dispersion towards the external. The use of innovative materials and sophisticated electronic technologies have generated the intelligent device named EcoSmartBaking®Tech, managed through an intuitive TFT colour display. The ecoSmartBaking®Tech technology gathers several cutting-edge functions such as the Adaptive-Power®Technology, that allows to manage the power control according to the load inside the baking chamber, the Dual-Temp®Technology, a patented system that separately manages 2 temperatures inside the same baking chamber and the Smart- Baking®Technology, for the separate management of the ceiling and floor power control. Series S is suitable for any kind of working needs, thanks to the Power-Booster®Technology, to efficiently manage the pick times, Half-Load®Technology for partial loads and Eco-Standby®Technology for breaks.

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