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coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment
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Pizza Benches, refrigerated counters and under bench counters with granite top, also perfect for bakery and restaurant preparation.

The needs of the modern pizza and bakery industry require combining the respect of ancient culinary traditions with state of the art technologies to improve business performances. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, Coldline reply to this demand with a range of benchtops and counters designed to allow the best conservation of pizza dough, baking dough, and all the ingredients.
The use of Coldline modular commercial refrigeration units, such as counters and granite worktops will support the best organization of your commercial kitchen, permitting a faster preparation time that will positively influence your staff performance and running costs of your venues, all translated in a higher return on the long term.
Choose whether you prefer the technical compartment to the right or left, with no price increase. The refrigeration system will always be positioned at a suitable distance from the oven and hot machinery in general, with benefits in terms of efficiency and energy-saving.
The innovative dual air circulation system in these refrigerated counters ensures maximum cooling efficiency and optimum temperature distribution even at full load. The indirect ventilation system will keep optimal humidity levels to ensure proper hydration and prevent superficial cracks from forming.

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