Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers For Pastry and Restaurants

coldline logo - blast chillers and blast freezersBlast chillers and blast freezers are definitely the best partners of a chef.

Rationalise your work, enrich your menu, reduce waste and increase profits. Coldline blast chillers will change the way you work forever.
This premium technology prevents from bacteria contamination, extends storage time and reduces food weight loss due to evaporation while maintaining food quality unchanged. You can now blast chill food at +3°C and regenerate it in the oven just before serving. Alternatively, you can deep-freeze at -18°C and used blast frozen food even several months later. Food organoleptic qualities will still be the same of fresh food.

You can effectively combine the use of the blast chiller with the direct purchase of raw materials from local producers, according to the most recent initiatives in this field. By doing so you will always have fresh, affordable and traceable products.

Coldline Living’s VISION commercial blast chillers can perform multiple functions, including blast chilling, shock freezing, proving, thawing, storage and chocolate crystallisation/holding. With an adjustable temperature range from -40 to 35°C, humidity from 40 to 95% and ventilation intensity from 30 to 100%, chefs can set the right type of cold for each type of food.

Using only specific processes according to the nature and quantity of each product respects their original characteristics and eliminates bacteria that determine the risk of food poisoning. The chiller is suitable for a wide array of functions, including freezing fish, cooking frozen meat straight away, deep freezing cured meats, storing fresh pasta, ice-creams and deep freezing seasonal fruit pieces, while avoiding cold burns or frost formation.
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