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Clima Cabinets By Coldline Refrigerated Cabines comes with “Clima“, this is the perfect technology to store products that are subject to rapid dehydration such as, bakery and pastry products, fresh pasta, cream, vegetables, fruit and finished products with high water content. Capacity: 25 or 50 EN 60×40 trays. The large evaporator allows for partially static or no aggressive ventilated refrigeration. Ventilator speed is adjustable, yielding the most appropriate air flow to suit product characteristics and set ideal temperature and humidity levels. The single unit structure with 75 mm insulation, the 2mm thick stainless steel handle, automatic condensation evaporation and lighting provided as standard, make the cabinet a top-quality product. The hot gas automatic defrost minimises temperature changes and operates for the time strictly necessary to defrost the frost, thereby reducing energy consumption.

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