Ice-Cream Equipment, Gelato Equipment

coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Everyone likes ice-cream, adults and children. Milk, eggs, cream, cocoa and fruit are healthy and nutritious ingredients that make great ice cream, containing proteins rich in amino acids, ready-to-use carbohydrates, fat, vitamins A and B2, calcium and phosphorus. A complete food, but it can be very diverse in terms of production methods and quality of the result. There are differences between Gelato and Ice-Cream. With research and technological development, Coldline manufactures machines designed specifically for the blast chilling and storage both for gelato and ice-cream. Gelato and ice-cream have a special feature, they are born and lives in the cold! Coldline takes the utmost care to keep them soft, delicate and workable. Professionalism, knowledge of raw materials and ingredients, ability to balance them and preparing the recipes are crucial to make traditional Italian Gelato. Gelato makers who take care of their training, expertly mix the ingredients and analyse the results with a critical eye, will always be in a position of advantage over their competitors. Their ice cream/ gelato will be rewarded by conscious and loyal customers. Here in Australia Gelato and Ice-Cream have became a huge business. Euroquip is proud to assist you with constant customer care to satisfy your commercial needs.

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