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Made in Italy By Coldine coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Store ingredients, raw materials and your best culinary creations in Master Refrigerated Cabinets. delicate and steady cold keeps the appearance and aromas of each product unaltered. The elegant design with rounded external corners, the easy and intuitive control panel with flush keypad and the high attention to finishes, give to Coldline Master Refrigerated Cabinets a solid and refined look. Commercial Fridges and Cabinets’ models are available with capacities from 350 lt to 1400 lt, with half doors, glass doors and separate compartments with 2 and 3 temperatures, including for fish. The single unit structure, with 75 mm insulation, is made of first-quality AISI 304 stainless steel. High-efficiency, low-power consumption compressors and intelligent electronics make the Refrigerated Cabinets suitable for extensive use.

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