Smart Counters, Commercial Refrigeration made in Italy by Coldline

coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Work your product on the hard-wearing worktop, put it into the cold compartment to retard proving, and feel free to bake it later. Temperature range -6°+35°C, RH% 60%-95%. With incredibly precise management of dough proving, LEVTRONIC will change the way you organise your pastry and bakery, consequently resulting in the elimination of the tough night work. Doesn’t this sound extraordinary? A large, strong and durable worktop will make you feel more confident when working. The benchtop with rounded front and back edges is designed to minimize dirt accumulation. The sensors constantly measure temperature and humidity resulting in a more efficient cold, heating and ventilation management in order to reach and then keep uniform temperature and optimal humidity level for a safer storage and a perfect leavening of bread, brioches and croissants.

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