Retarder Provers, Roll-In Cabinets

These products represent the perfect way to organise your bakery shop, cake shop, pastry and bread laboratory. The Coldline Retarder Provers allow a more rational work system, with a practical pan-carrying trolley. The correct movement of trays is very important in the bakery and pastry industry. RollTronic guarantees a rational, efficient work, with no time wasting. The stainless steel pan-carrying trolley (optional) streamlines the preparation by providing easy and quick handling. The humidity control system stops the dough from drying out and prevents superficial cracks from forming. The humidity level can be set from 60% to 95% depending on the percentage of water contained in the product. You can prove the product immediately, or plan for later rising. 2 models, respectively for 60×40 and 60×80 pan-carrying trolleys. You can even plan for the proving of your products to be done during the night; in the morning you will find your perfectly proven croissants ready for baking.

Read “Coldline takes the guess work out of retarding and proving”

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