Retarder Provers Counters |Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigerated Counters Levtronic Made In Italy By Coldline coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Find all your commercial refrigeration equipment at Euroquip. We offer a wide range of retarder provers counters with resistant worktop where you can prepare your dough. Store your bakery products into the underneath compartments to retard proving and then decide when you want them ready for baking. Temperature range -6°+35°C, RH% 60%-95%. Retarder provers will allow you to obtain a perfectly proved dough. Levtronic counters are designed to allow an easier and more efficient management of your commercial kitchen; you can now organise your pastry and bakery goods to prove at your convenience, eliminating nigh work. You may also be interested in Coldline VISION blast chillers.
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